Long Live the Glow


Conceptulisation, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Social media planning, Story-telling, Press Kit, Space design, Website

Integrated Campaign
Tools used
Pen & paper, Google Documents, Google Slides, Illustrator, Photoshop


To conceptualise & create an integrated campaign for the launch of Diamond, a Vitamin C serum from the luxury intimate care brand, TWOL(I)PS.


Diamond is a Vitamin C serum that helps to brighten dull skin and is suitable for both the vulva and face. In order to communicate the product’s benefits while addressing the taboo topic of vulva care, a creative narrative of “Long Live The Glow” was created.

Keeping in mind the brand’s fun & quirky DNA, the campaign idea was to communicate that by ensuring an everlasting glow from the valley to the peak, every woman can be a confident queen of their own land. The key visual is designed in resemblence to a poker card with the Queen of Diamond and elements of Vitamin C.


With the Queen of Diamond as the core of the campaign idea, the brochure was designed in resemblence of a poker card and a unique folding that allows the brochure to not only be in the shape of a diamond when closed, but opens up to reveal a royal decree.


The website is an adaptation of the brochure’s royal decree where users can scroll through to learn more about the product and it’s benefits while ensuring the information is presented in a exciting and dynamic way with elements from the key visual. The website is designed to be reactive for both desktop and mobile viewing. Utilising both online and offline channels, this allow the integrated campaign to reach a wider audience, maximising marketing efforts and boosting sales.

                   View ecommerce website


Using short animations and levaraging on the Instagram Story functions, a series of interactive social content are created. The aim was to start the conversation about dull skin, highlight the benefits of Vitamin C and introduce the product.


In-store & Media Kit

Backdrop, sticker decals and hanging mobiles with campaign messaging were created as part of the integrated campaign. Selected media outlets & social media influencers were also sent a custom-made Diamond media kit. Designed to look like a giant jewellery box, the kit opens up to reveal the luxury product. The kit suggests a promise to brighter skin with a everlasting glow. The kit consists of the product, brochure & information cards.